Mia - A Hart Twins Novel Rx, Book 2

Young Adult

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  As her senior year of high school draws to a close, Mia Hart is determined to gain control of her screwed up life. Top of her list is to stop dealing drugs to her schoolmates and to dump Kenny, the drug-dealing boyfriend responsible for getting her mixed up in this dangerous life style.  Pierce Hendricks, her older brother’s best friend and an undercover cop at Mia’s high school, has spent the last year trying to gather enough evidence to bring down the drug operation and drug lord Mia happens to be working for.  With their feelings for each other growing stronger and causing huge conflicts of interest in both their lives, Mia and Pierce work together to overcome perilously difficult obstacles to claim the lives they both dream of.

 “Mia”, the second installment in Charyse Allan’s Hart Twins novels, reads like a Lifetime movie about how a teenager’s rebellion can cause unforeseen complications and dangerous consequences.  The bad guys inspire fear. The family is sweetly endearing. There are a few tense action scenes to put readers on edge.  The abrupt introduction into Mia’s head space of a seemingly sense of entitlement and bad behavior doesn’t provide an explanation as to why Pierce would develop feelings for his best friend’s little sister.  However, as the story continues and her motivations become clearer, readers will find her sassy humor and determination to change her life as endearing as Pierce does. There is plenty of snarky banter and strong chemistry between the two to show they definitely have an undeniable attraction.  Ms. Allan’s tale is a gripping story about bad choices and the fight to reclaim one’s life.

Tonya Mathenia