Mercury Rises

Young Adult

To anyone looking, Mercury lives a completely charmed life being the daughter of a political king, but no one is able to see through closed doors or understand why the urge to run away is so strong. She does her best to wear the societal mask and remain ignorant of her father’s dealings, but catching Hawk stealing something from her father’s locked, private office changes her stance on life and on herself. She is starting to understand better what is happening around her and her father’s hand in them. Mercury joins Hawk’s band of vigilantes against her father’s crusade and learns of the different facets of love, trust, and loyalty.

This modern Robin Hood tale is able to tease gasps, laughter, and tears from even the stoutest reader! Filled with nerve-wracking escapes and changing perspectives the audience gets a feeling of riding in a locked car, not knowing the destination but enjoying the time getting there. It is a bit hard to sympathize with the main character through much of the story, as her rebellion and reasons for it are not understood or explained until well after the first half.  Other character’s motives are also a mystery and needed more depth of character. Still, the quick pace, interesting premise and frantic need to ensure the characters come out unscathed overrides almost any technical drawbacks. This is a book undoubtably worthy of a reread!

Yannie Sorenson