The Melancholy History of May Fly

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Hours before his execution, a priest tells a young man to write down what is going on in his mind. This is exactly what he does. Written in the first person, the story is of someone who has had a lot to deal with in their life. Many demons have plagued him and this plays into the story of how he became the person sitting in the prison cell mere hours from being put to death. He has been through so much from a young age, the love from his mother and the cruelty from his step father. Then he finds Gemini and how their relationship progresses. 

This book is absolutely captivating from the first page. There are not enough words to describe just how amazing this book is. Mutch Katsonga tells the truly devastating story of a man in the final hours of his life. This book is one to make readers think, to consider their lives, and may give rise to some interesting realizations. It is fascinating to see the protagonists life compared to that of a may fly and this adds to the intrigue and utter beauty of this book. Download this book and read it ASAP, it is unforgettable and one people will be recommending. It also has some shocking twists and turns. Definitely check out more books from this truly talented author. Unmissable!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick