The Mannequin

S. G.
Young Adult

HISTORICAL:  Rosamund has always felt unwanted in her Aunt’s home. She is treated as a servant most of the time and belittled by her cousins. When her Aunt arranges for her to take on a job through the Vicar while the rest of the family goes to London she is not terribly surprised. However, everything changes for Rosamund when the Vicar asks her to help a young duke, Aubrey Whittingham, fight through his depression after losing his family in a ferryboat accident. As Rosamund helps Aubrey regain his will to live, she finds herself losing her heart as well. However, when secrets about her family are revealed, Rosamund is forced to leave Aubrey and take on a job as a living mannequin for a London modiste. With jealousy and secrets separating them, will Rosamund and Aubrey achieve their happy ending?


A historical romance with a few different situational twists, "The Mannequin" is an interesting spin on a standard Regency romance.  Rosamund is not the typical frail and helpless beauty, nor is Aubrey a dashingly arrogant duke who sweeps her off her feet. Instead, Rosamund is a strong character who is determined to overcome her troubles even if it means bullying a duke into health. Although the story is not particularly complex and the conflict is mostly mental, the romance between Rosamund and Aubrey is worth the quick read. 


Sarah E. Bradley