Make it Count

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Casey Morgan knows numbers and has a gift: she knows how many days a person will live just by touching them. The gift has isolated Casey from people and keeps her at home instead of at a real school. Still Casey manages to live a semi-normal life at home. She has family that she loves, a little brother Harry who annoys her and a mother who pushes her. When Casey meets PJ Sullivan, suddenly she is doing things that normally she wouldn’t do, like meeting people at therapy, taking Harry to a dirt track to ride a motorbike and spending time with PJ. The more time Casey spends with PJ, she can’t help but slowly fall for him. When Casey finds out how long PJ has to live, will Casey be able to stop his death.

The chapters, being listed by a character’s allotted number of days, is a little different than normal chapter numbers. There were places in the story, however, where other characters’ number of days interrupts the reader, making the story choppy. The story builds up slowly but really takes off when Casey starts to get out of her comfort zone. Casey, the shy, introverted unassuming heroine despite her gift, is someone readers can connect with, especially when it comes to her feelings of belonging somewhere. PJ was really the perfect hero. He’s great with kids, a good person and really cares for everyone, including Casey. Despite his days being numbered, the reader will instantly like him. The story might have an ominous tone throughout, yet there is still hope that changing days or destinies can or will happen. 

Roslynn Ernst