The Magical Hunt (Broken Curses #3)

Young Adult

Princess Elodie of Zelnon is one wrong choice away from being doomed to the cursed world of Malediction forever. What she does not know is that even Malediction has rules it cannot break, and if she can learn the rules, she might just have a chance to escape. To find the key and return to Zelnon, Elodie must finally determine who she is really in love with. With only a prophecy and some vague hints to go on, Elodie, Daire, Cale, and Donia will have to work together and discern the truth. However, with Malediction doing everything it can to consume them, they will have to work fast and be cautious, for, as they have already been warned, some prophecies are self-fulfilling. 

The concluding book in the Broken Curses trilogy, “The Magical Hunt” begins with a confused and disoriented Elodie, adds a heaping dose of emotional turmoil, some vague prophecies and hints, brief action, and light romance to wrap up all the loose ends of the previous books. The romance is solid, exploring Elodie’s feelings and needs and builds up the hero as not only loving, but also a partner. Still, this book has some downsides — for example, the emotional fallout of the previous books takes half of this book to resolve, and the truth behind Donia and the battle against Elodie’s aunt feels a bit rushed and convenient.  On the other hand, there are several clever moments that not only explain things, but also give the setting an extra fun factor worth exploring and the romance is YA sweet. Overall, it is a cute YA fantasy where true love is worth the journey to uncover. 

Sarah E Bradley