Lunula (Irador #1)


Young Adult

Wynn is always on the move, hoping to avoid her destiny.  She refuses allow herself to be killed by her counterpart, the warlock of darkness, who will take and absorb her powers into his own. When a mission for Queen Alexandria of Irador lands her directly in his path and sends her on a quest to find the Lunula, a dangerous, ancient artifact, everything she knows about herself, her powers, the warlock, and their world is thrown into question. She may be the only thing preventing a dark age of death and terror.
Tougher and more capable than her appearance suggests, Wynn is a courageous, smart, compassionate, and talented young woman. While her magic and gifts make her a powerful and respected thief/spy, she knows little about her powers or purpose, beyond the Fates’ design tying her life and death to the warlock, whose dark magic and thirst for power makes him her enemy. A very powerful warlock and soldier, Gethin is dangerous and hardened by war and loss, yet honorable, honest, and fair. Wynn finds herself drawn to Gethin the more time she spends as his prisoner.
 If you love fantasy, this is one for the books! Engaging characters, lively interactions filled with emotion and humor, deft world-building and action scenes quickly grab the imagination, effortlessly drawing readers into the story. “Lunula” is a thrilling, page-turner with well-developed characters, rich and vibrant description, suspense, and action/adventure! The only downside is its vague and unsatisfying cliffhanger, which may greatly diminish some readers’ enjoyment.
Lacy Hill