Love Edy

Young Adult

Edy Phelps has secretly been in love with her best friend Hassan Pradhan for years. As the football star and over-protective big brother type, he has never considered Edy to be anything more than a friend and little sister. That is, until Wyatt Green moves in next door. Although he is an outcast at school and her parents would never approve of his lower class family, she has finally found a real friend.  When Wyatt starts to fall for her, Hassan begins to see Edy through new eyes - but is it too late? Edy is torn between her love for Hassan and her friendship with Wyatt and wonders just how life got so complicated.


Edy is a pensive character, anxious to become a woman; often exuding self-doubt and loathing, at times drawing the reader in and at others exasperating them. She is still a strong compelling force in the story, however, with a mentality that will appeal to young-adult genre readers. "Love Edy" begins in a wavering manner, slightly confusing and dry, never quite reaching a high or low but simply floating in between. Once the reader gets to know all of the characters the story begins to fall into place. Moral issues add intensity and diversity and toward the end it really gets going, rectifying itself with elements that add a lot of interest, excitement and charm. 


Overall, Ms. Pugh has penned a rather enticing story with more yet to come, hooking the reader on a deeper level of emotion and triumph.


Margaret Faria