Lost (The Caelian Cycle Book 1)

Young Adult

SCI-FI:  During WWI, a meteorite hit earth and alien DNA scattered, affecting the soldiers. Some of their children are Caeliens, which means they can have odd colorations and all have a talent - those talents being things like light bending, power over fire, and being a siren. Most Caeliens are placed in orphanages because their families reject them. Sadie is an orphan in every sense of the word and that is how she came to live at Saint Vincent’s. So far she is the only one in her senior class who has yet to develop a talent. She’s always felt different from the others, but has no idea how different she is until handsome Kian reveals her parentage to her. 


Getting to know the delightful characters makes this novel easy to read. There is a large cast of characters, but they are all so unique it is easy to keep them straight. Although the storyline is familiar, Ms. Tyner puts some twists into this novel making it distinctively hers. There is a plethora of missing words which interferes with the flow of this incredible story. The metamorphosis of Sadie throughout the pages is chilling as she goes through her tribulations. This reviewer is glad to know that Sadie’s story is not over yet, there is another novel in this amazing series.


Belinda Wilson