Lights, Camera, Poltergeist

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Young Adult


Fae and John did not want to spend their Valentine’s Day in a creepy old house chasing another ghost. Yet when orders come down from the higher-ups, the crew of Ghost UK, a popular television show, pack everything up and head out. Fingelly house is definitely creepy enough, and there’s something wrong with Giles McGinty the owner for sure, but is there really a ghost? And will Fae and John rekindle a fading romance or will the source of all the accidents and spooky incidents get between them first?

Readers who love romance and haunted houses will enjoy this short novella as Fae, the host, and John (aka Flash) her camera and electrical guy, try to figure out how to keep their romance alive as they track a ghost! While the story is not overly complex, it is well thought out, the writing is smooth and alternates between Fae and John’s point of view without being too confusing or unnecessarily repetitive. The romance in the story is sweet and not over or under done. Rather than a misunderstanding, another love interest or the usual plot devices used to separate the couple, Fae and John begin the story simply unsure if the other still cares and both are stuck on how to build their romance up. Fortunately, readers will find the plot threads all resolved by the end and will assuredly close the book with a smile on their faces!

Sarah E.B.