A Life, Freed (Rowan Sloane #3)

Tracy Hewitt
Young Adult

Rowan Slone is trying to rebuild her life. Living with her best friend Jess, and Jess’ five-month-old baby Jacob, Rowan balances school, work at the animal shelter, her boyfriend Shane, and babysitting for Jess. However, Jacob is a difficult baby and taking care of him is wearing both Jess and Rowan down. When Rowan’s ex Mike returns and her sister Trina becomes involved with a cult, Rowan’s life is turned upside down. When she can no longer control things, Rowan has to decide who to trust and if it’s time to forgive and let go, if she wants to have a future.


The third in the “Rowan Sloane” series, Rowan has managed to live independently of her family and the Andersons. She is no longer cutting and is beginning to get things together. However when things spiral, the choices Rowan makes will either make the reader cheer or cover their eyes with their hands in aggravation. The focus is mostly on moving away from the past and dealing with a newborn neither she nor Jess are ready for. Further, the budding romance between Rowan and Shane is interfered with by the return of Mike, who has found that life in college isn’t as easy as he expected. While everything is resolved in this story, some things are tied up a bit too easily and others may or may not be to the reader’s satisfaction. Still, a must read for anyone who has read the first two in the series.


Sarah E. Bradley