Liberty Awakened (Isle of Fangs #1)

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Young Adult

PARANORMAL:   Liberty Delacort thought she knew what her summer would be like. Boy, was she wrong. Instead of relaxing with her friends and boyfriend, she got to travel to an exotic island to meet a father she’d thought dead and fight beings she’d never thought existed. Unfortunately for her,  the visit doesn’t go over well, her father is dying and wants her to go away. Hurt, she finds her way to the cute Ryan Kelly. Amidst the flirting she finds someone else and realizes three very frightening things… Vampires are real, she’s attracted to one, and her destiny is to be a vampire hunter. Who knew? Now she has to figure out what to do about two boys she’s drawn to, and how to keep them all from getting killed!

Watch out people, Buffy 2.0 is on the loose! Vampires never get old… Or do they? Perhaps the theme is getting a bit tired, especially since this book brings nothing new to give it life. Lost girl, fated to hunt vampires, falling in love with one… Also, the book is very short, and doesn’t manage to create an intriguing world or characters. But it does hold a love triangle, of course. Simply put, the book fails to be memorable in any way, but perhaps the series will improve as it goes on and Liberty will surprise us all!

Mimi Smith