The Liars Crown (Dominions Book 1)

Young Adult

FANTASY: Meren, the second born twin, isn’t known to exist. Her identity has been kept secret from her birth. Her entire life she has existed as a second to her sister, Princess Tabra. Meren knows her role in life and has accepted her fate to die in place of her sister. But she is not ready to die willingly. When she is kidnapped on the eve of the coronation while standing in for the princess, she vows to do all she can to escape and save her sister from the evil King Eidolon. But the shadow wraith who kidnapped her has his own secret identity. As their secrets start to come to light, they begin to care for each other. Meren has spent her entire life devoted to her kingdom and her sister, now the only way to save the kingdom and her sister may be to kill not only King Eidolon, but also the man she has fallen for.

Abigail Owen has carefully crafted a magical world full of color and life. Dangerous creatures and fascinating plants transport readers into another world. With excellent detail that enhances the storyline without distracting from the plot she tells the tale. Meren and Reven have an instant chemistry. Their relationship is filled with witty banter and flirtations, and grows into a blazing inferno as they finally begin to give in to their desire for one another. Meren’s character development as she begins to exist outside of her role as a stand in for Tabra is wonderful. Reven’s development as he begins to accept his ability to love and accepts his capacity for good is outstanding. A must ready fantasy adventure!

Cara Cieslak