Legend of the Tribes

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Young Adult

An Addition to the Dragons Saga, this book includes two novella stories for the Aero and Terran Tribes. Etzli the youngest son of the Great Dragon Lord of the Wind meets his arranged marriage partner only to find out that she might not be as bad as expected, or who he expected. Taj the Touched of the Terran Tribe seen in previous works has his own romance explored after losing his wife a few years previously.

As a clean romantic novella this book is worth a quick read to fill in some gaps from previous works and flesh out characters only glimpsed at before. The characters are cute and distinct enough that they don’t completely blend in with previous characters. However, readers will find little difference between this story’s plot and previous ones. On the other hand, readers who have read or will read Jenkin’s Legend of the Forbidden will find this story interesting for the background it provides. As novellas the stories are shallow with little build up or depth but still sweet for that afternoon when one wants to read something worth smiling over without giving up too much time.

Sarah E.B.