Legend of the Touched (The Dragons Saga)

J. F.
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Young Adult

Darien is the newly appointed leader of the Oceina, or water dragons.  He has a new wife, a new baby on the way, and he’s still trying to learn all the facets of his new position.  He is also one of the Touched, which means his magic is much stronger than other dragons.  The leader of the Inero, (fire dragons) has decided to wage war against Darien’s people, with the intent of wiping out the Oceina altogether.  Darien must decipher the prophecy about the Touched in order to have a chance at banishing evil and ending the war between the races.

The first third of this book moves slowly.  Numerous references are made to events that happened in earlier books, but no summary of what happened previously is given, which may frustrate readers new to the series.  The Lord of the Inero wants to exterminate the Oceina without a satisfactory explanation as to why, other than a brief mention of reclaiming land, and a storyline concerning the true parentage of a main character crops up out of nowhere.  Some background information to put these events in context would be helpful.  Nevertheless, the author has done a wonderful job of giving each character a unique voice, which is quite an accomplishment with such a large cast.  The last half of the book has more action, and it’s nice to see supernatural figures that are not vampires get some time in the spotlight.  

Leslie Stokes