Leah (Worlds Apart #1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Leah has been having terrible dreams since her mother died in a car accident when she was small. Her father has become increasingly controlling and violent, completely at odds with the man he used to be. Unable to interpret her dreams or understand her father, Leah focuses on beginning university. When she meets Ben, she finds a friend that she can confide in and trust, but something isnt right with her father, and Bens family seems to be hiding something. Leah hears the voice of her mother repeatedly telling her to trust her instincts, but after she is injured in an accident, she might not have a chance to determine just what her instincts are really telling her before its too late.


A paranormal YA/NA novel, Leahis the first in this series and involves a new set of paranormal creatures. The premise for this story is intriguing and offers some new twists to the paranormal/ fantasy genre for readers to explore. However, in this story Leah is weak, quelling any spark of gumption she has and ignoring her instincts. Further, she is an unreliable narrator - her mind is a mess for the majority of the story, but when the block on her memories is finally lifted, she suddenly knows everything, but the story ends too quickly for the reader to understand what happened. The saving grace is that Leah and Bens romance is so sweet. He really is her knight when she needs him, and hopefully with her memories and Ben, the next book will grow much more.


Sarah E. Bradley