The Last Orphans (The Last Orphans #1)

Young Adult

It only takes a few hours to drastically change life for Shane Tucker and every other child in the world. The entire adult existence is exterminated. The children are left to manage by themselves and endure with the cruel aftereffects. Shane is now one of the oldest in his town and has been placed in charge of a large group of survivors; including his crush Kelly. The children set out to find the reason all of the adults have died and never expected the answer they eventually find. The death of the adults is only the beginning - the unknown power won’t stop until every human is dead.


Mr. Harris keeps one on the edge of their seat throughout this apocalyptic young adult story. “The Last Orphans” shows a terrifyingly realistic view of what could happen. The imagery is absolutely amazing, it allows the reader to live the story and feel the emotions of the characters. It is a wonderful experience and very refreshing reading about such strong characters given their situation. "The Last Orphans" gives readers a touch of romance, just enough so the reader will reminisce about what it felt like having that first teenage crush. This story is a great start to an excellent series and will have readers begging and pleading for more! 


Heather Mcguire