Lark Singer (Starlight Chronicles #2)

Young Adult

Lark Singer is the lead singer of her own band, Starlight.  Talented and motivated, Lark just hopes she has enough of both to help propel her band to stardom.  Winning a band competition would be a great start, if she can keep her life on track until then.  Her laid-back drummer, Bean, perplexes her with his laid-back attitude.  Her relationship with her mother is a rocky one, especially whenever it comes to Bean. Unfortunately, her mother’s suspicions about her boyfriend are starting to rub off on her. She needs Bean’s support while the rest of her world unravels when unexpected information about her absent father surfaces.


A YA coming-of-age novel, “Lark Singer” is written from Larks' POV. The young heroine is an impoverished, sweet, teen complete with the rich, perfect cheerleader girlfriend. Lark goes through major teen angst with both her friend, Bean and her mother. Unfortunately, most information comes through inner emotional telling as opposed to showing, making Bean appear as a two-dimensional character, opposed to fully rounded. The romance between the two feels forced and not authentic. The language and dynamics in the book are predictable and dated. A choppiness in how the events unfold timeline-wise troubles the flow of the story. 


As in most YA tales, there are the parents who try to ruin the lives of their offspring. The possibility of winning the contest and a recording contract should intrigue most young adult readers, especially those with musical bent. Those who enjoy youth oriented musical dramas should enjoy “Lark Singer.”


Morgan Stamm