Young Adult

URBAN FANTASY:  There’s nothing like living the teenage dream. Maribel has had a very happy life so far, despite the fact her parents died when she was little. Her aunt and uncle are loving, she’s free to pursue her dreams, she has an amazing best friend… But it’s when the final ingredient to a dream life comes along in the form of a boy named Jaron, that she realizes there is something very wrong in her town and in her life. Is anything she knows about herself true? Why is she drawn to the ocean? And who, or what, is Jaron, and why does she sometimes feel as if it doesn’t matter?

Watch out, folks! High School has never been more turbulent! The mystery of Maribel and Jaron is sure to keep readers wondering, while their sweet encounters might bring back some fond first-love memories! And, if Maribel and Jaron aren’t kick-ass enough, Clarissa, Maribel’s best friend, is just perfect. She’s the friend everyone could wish for, but also a strong character in her own right. The mythology isn’t quite complete, yet, but is another fascinating aspect of “Landlocked”.  The book does have rough edges that need to be smoothed out and the ending is a big problem. One could even ask “What ending?”. There is a level beyond a cliffhanger that seems more like a free-fall. Sadly that’s how Ms. Moore chose to end this book. It is too sudden, and doesn’t supply any closure. One thing’s for sure, though: impatience for the next book is guaranteed!   

Mimi Smith