The Kingdom of Dadria: A Lamb Against Wolves

Young Adult

EPIC FANTASY:  Princess Endelynn, the only heir of Dadria, is abducted and held for ransom on the way to her own wedding. Now she finds herself living with a tribe of people long thought to be extinct. A war 300 years ago has divided the land, a rift that has still not healed. Yet, so far away from home, stuck in a strange land, Endelynn’s kingdom is drifting toward war once again, and she might be the only one capable of stopping it. 

The story is good, with world-building that has some unique and some familiar elements, but overall manages to craft a believable, recognizable fantasy setting in which the characters can thrive. The writing could use some work, though, and the book would benefit from another round of editing. The characters are not as unique or memorable as the could’ve been, if they had more personality and more character traits to make them stand out from your typical fantasy heroes. The characters are at times very engaging and at times show a lot of personality, while other times they seem a bit dull and boring. It starts to get hard to even tell them apart at that point. The main character is solid, though, feeling almost like a real person. 

Despite some flaws, the story is fast-paced, intriguing, and leaves the reader guessing about what comes next. Fans of fantasy novels, blood-thirsty monsters, haunted woods, and epic wars should definitely read this book!

Majanka Verstraete