The Kingdom of Dadria: The Blood of Wolves and War

Young Adult

FANTASY: After her kidnapping, Princess Endelynn of Dadria has escaped from the Wolf tribe, with the help of a member of the tribe. Shunka, who has been banished from the Wolf tribe rescues her, and together they travel to the White Mountain. Endelynn’s mother searches for news regarding her kidnapped daughter, but not all who surround the Queen of Dadria speak the truth. With conflicting reports, her trust is stretched thin. The forest tribes and then walled cities draw closer and closer to all-out war.

Blending together epic fantasy and Native American mythology, “The Kingdom of Dadria: The Blood of Wolves and War” is a captivating tale of love, revenge, and camaraderie. The second book in a series, this story is best read in sequence with the first book. A new reader can relatively easily pick up the story, but there are plot points important to the story that occurs in the previous book. The world-building is wonderful, especially with the unique tie-in of Native American culture. The point of view alternates between nine different characters throughout the book. The split from the large number of characters makes it a little difficult to truly relate or connect to them at times, despite their depth. Each character has their own unique struggles and conflicts and their dialogue feels natural. The story’s pace is satisfactory, although at times it feels a little on the slow side—mostly due to the switching of perspectives bringing one storyline to a halt in order to revisit another. N.J Hanson’s spellbinding fantasy carries readers on their own emotional adventure, encountering harrowing violence, sweet new love, and the dichotomy of hope and revenge.

Shailyn Rogers