The Key (The True Reign Series: Book 1)

Jennifer Anne
Young Adult

HISTORICAL:  Rema has lived a normal life in her region of Greenwood Island raised by her Uncle Kar and Aunt Maya; loving the horses her uncle breeds, yet dreaming of adventures elsewhere. Civil unrest has taken hold in King Barjon’s kingdom however, and  Commander Darmik, son of the king, is traversing the isle to squash any ideas of rebellion. A chance meeting brings Darmik and Rema together, and a spark is ignited. Alas, Prince Lennek, Darmik’s older brother, has different plans: plans that will change the future of the entire kingdom. A kingdom with a dark past that the King demands remain a secret. 


From beginning to the heart-wrenching ending moment, the reader will be enraptured by the depth of the characters Ms. Davis has crafted. Like fine jewels, each character shines brightly or glows menacingly, precisely as they should be imagined. Good and evil battle evenly for the spotlight, yet never overshadow each other - a perfect balance in plot and style! The journey from innocence to deep understanding by Rema is beautifully played out with a dramatic flair. Prince Darmik’s conflicting emotions and allegiances clearly present themselves. The reader will laugh, smile, cry, and scream as each page passes by, bemoaning the very last sentence. Never fear! Red: Book 2 is available, and the story continues. True Reign is the most appropriate series title, as it defines the writing style to the letter. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto