The Keeper

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Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Billie has always known she was different, but didn't know why. Everything changes when she turns sixteen – she receives an old necklace that has been in her family for generations, and she finds herself attracted to Freak Boy at school, except he's a Watchman and in charge of keeping her safe. His name is Tyler, and he tells her about the supernatural gifts she's received, and what her destiny is in life. Billie's boyfriend Tony isn't too happy about their friendship, and Billie's desire to know more about her future drives them apart. She finds out that evil is around her, even at school, and she must develop her gifts to keep herself safe and prepare for the future.  Tyler does not stay with her, and she has to develop a new relationship with his alter ego, Ty, who is the same and different all at once. Her brother Dan and a friend Ramey also understand Billie's destiny, and help her find the right path.

The Keeper is a mysterious sci-fi tale with lots of twists and turns! Billie is an intriguing character, and the story beckons the reader to find out how her new life unfolds, living on Earth yet with a universal destiny. There is a lot of back-and-forth dialogue with teenage slang which tends to detract from the story line. A lot of characters come and go, also making for slow reading. The book would have benefited from grammatical editing. A surprise twist at the end doesn't disappoint, however, and Billie finds a way to reconcile love with her destiny.


Victoria Z. Burg