Just a Few Inches

St. Pierre
Young Adult

Carrie Roberts is a high school cheerleader who allows her self-esteem issues to get the best of her, taking an excessive amount of diet pills to fit into the perfect dress - the one dress that will impress her boyfriend Troy and make her nemesis Janelle green with envy. The pills do the job, and then some...Carrie is losing inches, and not just from around her waist. She's actually getting shorter! Famous in the media for being "The Incredible Shrinking Cheerleader", Carrie begins blogging to help process her feelings and discovers self confidence in the midst of dealing with her rapidly changing physique. In the end Carrie realizes that no matter what we look like on the outside, we are all "incredible" in our own way!


Tara St. Pierre has written an engaging narrative about loving and accepting yourself just the way you are. While not a wholly original premise, "Just a Few Inches" offers a unique point of view that is highly enjoyable. Ms. St. Pierre is adept at making the audience feel part of the story; however, the reader may find fault with the overly descriptive aspects that tend to make the book drag on longer than necessary. One may feel as though there is not enough depth for the seasoned reader, but teens will appreciate this clever and entertaining novel about self-acceptance and finding your inner strength.

Chantel Hardge