Joshua’s Island

Young Adult

Joshua has spent his entire life being bullied. Without any friends to stand up for him, and being very small for his age, he feels lonely and afraid. Eve is the opposite – pretty, popular. When they’re matched as lab partners for science class, friendship and eventually love begins to blossom between the two of them. However, they soon find out the school is hiding a nasty secret… 

It’s hard not to feel sorry for Joshua. He is bullied relentlessly and no one, not even the headmaster of his school, seems keen to help him. Watching him find Eve, someone who did stand in his corner, was great. Both of them are a little naïve sometimes, but they’re still young, so the naiveté matches their age. They’re very genuine, though, and the bond between them is very real. 

The book’s one downside is its simple writing style. Still, it’s a touching, heart-wrenching story. While it’s about bullying, it’s about so much more than that – about overcoming obstacles, about urging people to become better than they are, about friendship and loyalty. The book’s major bonus comes from how realistically it describes bullying and its consequences. Seeing the events from two different POVs helped too. If one wants a book about bullying that gives a realistic description while still giving a hopeful message, “Joshua’s Island” is an excellent choice!

Majanka Verstraete