Josh’s Wall

Young Adult

Josh struggled growing up after suffering an allergic reaction to and almost died!  When he recovers, he has amnesia, unable to remember anything for the first six years of his life, including his family, except for his beloved dog Nanny.  School isn’t much better, with bullies and teachers who don’t understand him.  When Josh’s father has a permanent shoulder injury, their world is turned upside down.  With his father unable to work, they lose their house and must move away from everyone and everything Josh has ever known.  One last fight earns Josh his redemption, and reveals something about his first six years. 

“Josh’s Wall” tells the real life story of the young boy’s life after it is complicated by unexpected illness.  Josh is a resilient character, handling his misfortunes with youthful optimism.  There is a lot of internal monologue, which was somewhat monotonous.  Josh’s need to constantly confront bullies made for repetitive fight scenes which also bogged down the tale. His puppy love romance is touching, and will remind readers of their own first stirrings of love.  Josh has recounted his past for his son Michael, and a surprise twist will give readers insight into the purpose of this story, and display its cathartic effect for Josh.


Victoria Z. Burg