January Dreams (January Dreams Series, Book 1)

Young Adult

Megan is a typical high school student doing her best to get good grades so she can move on and move out. She is a product of divorced and remarried parents. Her step-father is quirky and nothing she does is ever good enough, and any wrong move has her grounded. She’s a good kid, but not given any credit for holding down a job or for her good grades. The popular kids pick on her and rumors start when she is seen talking to Casper. Megan starts to date Vincent and falls in love, but when she is plagued with wild dreams of her and Casper together and he shares the dreams, things get sticky. Can their love survive the raging war in both the Old and New worlds?

Ms. Richards has penned an interesting Young Adult tale that involves times and places of the past. There is a love triangle involved, with sprites and elves in one world, and high school kids in the current world. In this story, the worlds collide via dreams. The heroine is easy to like, but she’s also torn and indecisive, which makes for the retelling of much of the story. The plot picks up with drama and suspense close to the end, yet isn’t given much development. That, with a cliffhanger ending will leave readers scratching their heads. The writing is creative, and there is another chance to see what the Old world and the New world have in store for the trio in the next installment.

Viola Robins