Young Adult

Both 17 years old, Will and Missy are best friends. When things with her mother get too heated, he is the person she chooses to lean on. Her favorite stepfather, Martin, has recently moved out; her older sister Ruth has shown less than stellar judgment and is now mother to three-year-old Veronica. This gives their mother reason to dislike Will and when drugs are found, Missy is sent to counseling with “Cece”, who hears about everything including her developing feelings for Will and the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of Alan.


Putting this book down will be difficult! The author skillfully leads the characters through situations, but not without the support needed to come out the other side, fitting the criteria for the young adult category, but the road to the end mirrors life; rarely presenting smooth waters to sail. Drug use physical abuse, tastefully written sex scenes, and underage drinking are all present. The author is to be applauded for tackling these issues in such an open and brutally honest manner while creating characters with ambition and a sense of responsibility. Though, it should be noted that the adults in this created world are not all role models.


Though parental guidance is humbly suggested, it is not a reason to deduct stars from this well-crafted, emotionally engaging, serious story with lighter moments sprinkled throughout.


Heather R Nielsen