Inner Demons (Hidden Monster #2)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Samantha Campbell has a secret that only one other person knows. Thrust into the world of the Dragon Fae, Sam needs to find out why that secret has wrought havoc not only in the Dragon Fae’s world, but also her own.  With secondary characters throwing spanners in the works, Sam and Blake need to unearth the truths behind her lapses of memory in order to stop the destruction of the Dragon Fae, to make way for a new world order.


This story was gripping in several areas particularly towards the end of the novel. It was also unique in that the author did not use the run-of-the-mill shifters but used another animal, which was refreshing. However, one cannot help but think that there is a similarity to Stephanie Meyer’s, “The Host”, with respect to what is happening to Sam and her relationships with Blake and Mack. While the author tried to give the female character different characteristics to separate her from her alter-ego, there were occasions where their voices became indistinguishable, leading to a slight confusion as to who was talking. This intruded into the enjoyment of reading and getting absorbed in to the story. Nevertheless, towards the end of the novel, the excitement picks up again and one cannot help but look forward to what happens next to the Dragon Fae.


MP Ceja