Initiation: (Pagan Eyes, #1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Leah Carpenter has discovered time travel. Ironically, her discovery is not made using magical abilities but rather quite by accident, even though she is descended from a long line of witches. Not a bad accomplishment for a sixteen year old!  However, being persecuted by witch hunters during these involuntary visits to the medieval era is where she has a slight problem. She would much rather be crushing on Dylan, the cute boy at school, than having to embrace her destiny. She bears the weight of responsibility to make a stand and to become the cause of action towards changing the way people see those who have pagan beliefs. First she must battle her own fear if she is to influence others and bring understanding and acceptance.


For those who enjoy a story with magical witches this is a great choice!  Containing elements such as time travel, spirituality, religion and adventure, "Initiation" is a far cry from ones typical paranormal or fantasy teen fiction. Much weight is on Leah's shoulders and she carries this burden beautifully. At times the reader will be caught up in more of the spiritual or historical moments rather than ever returning to the present and spending time with Leah there; however exploring that historical period and the characters' views are both enlightening and entertaining. Dylan's character, who makes only a very small contribution as her love interest, is a slight letdown, as is the abrupt ending. Still, Leah's quirky family and their unity are inspiring, and save the day!


Lauren Taylor