If Only

Young Adult

Demi Glenn has been having premonitions concerning her oldest daughter. The problem is that Demi gave up her firstborn for adoption while she was in high school. Unable to track Renee on her own, and after two other detectives fail to find her, Demi turns to her last resort: Renee’s father, Demi’s high school sweetheart. David Alexander hasn’t seen Demi in years and never expected to find out he had another child. With both their families thrown into chaos, Demi and David will risk it all to find their daughter.

A contemporary story with a slight paranormal twist, the basic idea of the story is a great one. However, it all ends up being too convenient. Both Demi and David have moved on from their high school relationship. They are both married with two kids each. The sudden visions and premonitions they have concerning the daughter Demi gave up as a teen drive them toward finding Renee who in turn is having visions of her birth parents as well. Yet, the problems David and his wife have after finding out about Renee are resolved too easily if sadly so that David is free to be with Demi, who is his one true love. Demi’s relationship with her husband falls apart in a similar fashion. Further, the truth about Renee’s adoptive family and the trouble she is in is resolved too quickly and easily. Still, "If Only" explores the idea of reclaiming one's true love and proves love with a bit of paranormal help really does conquer all.

Sarah E. Bradley