The Ice Captain’s Daughter

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Young Adult

Miss Jillian Roring heads into London for her first season looking for love. Mr. Mackenzie Logan has already been burned once by love and has sworn off marriage all together. However, when a kidnapping gone wrong pushes Jillian into Logan’s arms, will Jillian find the love she wants and will Logan decide to give love a second chance? If Logan’s ex-fiancé has anything to say about it, Jillian and Logan won’t stand a prayer, but fate has other ideas. 

A lovely Victorian romance, this story is short but very sweet! Readers fond of regency romance will love this clean and light read. The writing is smooth and the plot has just enough originality to keep it from being a copy of every other historical romance written for this time period. The fact that Miss Roring is not the daughter of a lord but rather a much esteemed tradesman from Norway is a nice change. As is the depth the characters are given - as some choose to behave badly and stay that way and others adapt to the circumstances in a very realistic way. The plot line dealing with the attempted kidnappers is particularly interesting as they are not simply subdued right off but have their own separate storyline that readers will follow with interest, if only so they can discover what the kidnappers will do next. Overall a delightful read. 

Sarah E.B.