The Hunted

C. J.
Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  In Aeston, Arizona, the locals have all heard the rumors about the man-eating Navajo monsters, the skin walkers. But Cassie is human and is just trying to figure out how to survive school with only her dad for support. The myths become real, however, when she meets Seb and everything changes. Born to be the Alpha of the local skin walker pack, Seb despises his heritage and the rules that require him to kill the girl he’s instantly drawn to. If he doesn’t kill Cassie, one of his pack mates will, and it’ll mean giving up everything and everyone he knows if he wants to keep her alive.


A new clean YA paranormal romance featuring shifters, “The Hunted” features a mix of romance, suspense, drama, and psychotic villains. The shifters are supposed to be bloodthirsty man eaters and Seb is actually a standout because he’s not interested in living up to their heritage. Cassie is the clueless human who happens to be related to Hunters. The insta-love between them is cute with trouble surrounding it but somehow seems to lack sparks. While the relationship issues between Cassie and her dad seem too easily resolved, on the other hand Cassie is being hunted and the tension around her as the villains stalk her and her friends might actually be the best part of the book as the creepiness will keep the reader on edge.  This is a good read for shifter fans.


Sarah E. Bradley