Horse of Wind and Shadows

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  The apocalypse has come.  Outlaws are stealing and killing to survive and zombies are roaming the land taking human life. The only safe place is a school converted into a survivors' compound near the Oregon coast. Taryn and Flyn were on a class trip when the storm hit.  Flyn’s timing to get them to shelter saved their lives. Now, without their parents and living strictly by the rules in place within the compound walls, Taryn gets restless.  She is certain she has seen the hoof prints and heard the cries of her stallion, so she sneaks out at night to the beach to find him.  Flyn has always promised Taryn's family he would protect her; but when she sneaks outside the compound walls there is not much he can do. Will the Stallion show or is her trip outside the compound one she can return from?


“Horse of Wind and Shadows” has a steady plot that flows nicely. The characterizations of the two protagonists is compelling - Taryn is headstrong and Flyn always consistent - and make this story easy to get into.  Readers will enjoy their antics and survival tricks. The romance is minimal and predictable but a good balance for young readers. At times the text became redundant and there are numerous editing errors along the way, including a character being dropped completely from the last quarter of the book. Still, the zombies, sea horse and outlaws will keep readers interested throughout this tale.


Julie Caicco