Hollows End

Young Adult

Rowan knows she’s considered weird.  She has had to deal with it all her life.  Being the daughter of a long line of self-proclaimed witches in the modern day town famous for the Sleepy Hallow and headless horseman legend, it can’t be avoided.  That doesn’t make it easy, however, and Rowan just wants a chance to be normal!  When Hunter, a childhood friend, moves back to town all grown up and gorgeous... and looking at her, Rowan dares to hope things might just go her way for once.  

As Halloween draws closer, Rowan’s legacy comes crashing down in the form of horrible visions that leave her screaming.  Hunter seems to be the catalyst to these visions and answers must be found before something terrible happens to both them and the town whose secrets have never really died.

What a perfect read for a misty autumn night!   Filled with everything one would want in a ghost story, this one will make your fingers tingle and your heart race!  Ms. Morea has taken the well known tale of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman and thrown it’s after effects right into the 21st century.  It does get a little mish-mash confusing in places near the end, and the sexuality is questionable for adolescents. However, the play between historical accuracies and fiction is brilliantly accomplished. This truly is a scrumptiously scary story that incorporates historical fact while spinning reality, leaving the reader biting their nails and turning the pages!

TJ Mackay