The Hidden Legacy (A Hidden Legacy Novel Book 1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE:  When Faye Lithyer moves to Astoria, Oregon to live with her grandmother after her father’s death, her life becomes more complicated that she could have ever imagined. The sixteen-year-old girl feels cursed by the premonitions of death she experiences—deaths she has always remained powerless to prevent. The discovery of other teens at her school who possess their own sets of abilities means that Faye no longer must live as a lonely outcast in her new home, but when one of her visions places her new best friend in Death’s crosshairs, Faye must convince her group of new friends to help prevent the tragedy, even though she has no idea when the shadowy killer from her dream state will strike.


One of this story’s strongest elements becomes the relationships forged between the characters existing beyond the periphery of the ‘norm.’ Readers may find delving into the story from the beginning difficult due to the constant, distracting shift from past to present tense, which continues throughout. Grammatical errors and incorrect wording, such as the mistaken use of queue for cue in more than a few spots, add further to the disruption of the narrative. The aid of a good editor would help with the technical and plot issues—trees roots ripping through a school during a crowded dance without notice, a teacher failing to become alarmed by blood-spattered students and a character’s failure to step away from a knife-wielding killer as they slowly approach, just to name a few—would help to create an engaging paranormal tale full of likeable characters with whom the reader could easily form a bond.


Claudette Melanson