Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

Dr. Margo Pullman went to work for “The Institute” to find a cure for Autism. When she learns that the CEO is using babies and young children as lab rats for a serum to create super humans she snaps.

Julia Leigh

Carrie Kent has a special ability - one that might help others with special abilities - so when asked, she leaves California to help her Aunt Crystal at The Institute.

Once Upon A Road Trip
Angela N.

MEMOIR:  Angie is ready to break out.  She’s graduated high school and is ready for an adventure.  Her answer is to take a two month road trip visiting friends she has met as part of an online writing community...that’s right, she’s staying mostly with folks she’s only met on the Internet!  Is anyone e

THRILLER:  Becca was thrilled when she found out her high school musical was going to be Phantom of the Opera. She is a shy girl but she’s such a fan of the musical she has to try out for a part.  Much to everyone’s surprise she is cast in the female lead role of Christine.

Chevelle Donahue went to work at the mall, expecting it to be just like every other day.  Her job is boring and her co-worker annoying, but Wicken is nice to look at so that balances it out.  Her day brightens a bit when she learns the mall is having a promotional event with movie star and teen heartthrob Timber Hudson