Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult


URBAN FANTASY:  There’s nothing like living the teenage dream. Maribel has had a very happy life so far, despite the fact her parents died when she was little.

PARANORMAL:  No worries. No big deal. All Samantha has to be is the balance between the Faithful and the Exiled—warring beings of light and darkness. And all she has to do is keep from falling in love with her guardian angel, Ethan, knowing they can never be together.

From Gods

Skylar has just graduated high school and is planning a few weeks of relaxation and hanging out with her cousin before she starts her freshman year of college. She has no idea that she is about to discover a world of gods and demi-gods. Strange things start happening after Skylar meets Mason, the dark, broody, and gorgeous brother of her cousin’s new boyfriend, who has secrets of his own.

The fae realm of Fallada is on the brink of war.  The vain, mean-spirited Queen Eranna wants to enslave humans and force everyone in the kingdoms to worship her.  Years ago, she stole the seven infant princesses of the realm, and hid them in the human world.  The evil queen cannot be defeated until all seven girls are

For Time and Eternity


Jamie is a gifted healer with two big secrets:

1. She is actually a girl