Heartlocked (Water Witch #2)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Maribel no longer fits into the world she had previously been part of. She has discovered there is  so much more out there, and she wants nothing more than to be part of the sea. Dylan, the one person she yearns for,  has disappeared and she is terrified she will never see him again. The new world in which she finds herself has so much to show her and the only person she feels connected to is Jaron — they are both going through the same thing. She is a mermaid princess and people are looking to her to save the kingdom. 

This book is told from Mari and Jaron's perspectives, and readers will be immersed in their thoughts and feelings. The world that author C.S. Moore has created is truly beautiful, with settings that leap from the page. There may be some confusion for those who have not read the first book of the Water Witch series, but this book may be an incentive for them to do so; it's well written and an enjoyable read. Mermaids are not a creature frequently used in romance novels, but C.S. Moore has definitely given those who try the book an awesome read with great characters and fast pace. An entertaining installment in a very promising series! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick