Headed for the Win

Young Adult

EQUESTRIAN:  Nadia Wells, 17, wanted one thing more than anything else - a horse. Unlike most girls her age, boys, school, and her social life were not at the top of her list of concerns. Her top priority was to own a horse. Unfortunately, horses and riding lessons were extremely expensive. Lucky for her, her mother found her an after-school job working at a local horse farm in exchange for lessons. Once hired, she knew that she was in the right place. Nadia's boss saw something special in her and offered her a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Surrounded by a stable full of majestic beauties, Nadia began to experience all of the magic and joy of someone chasing and grabbing hold of their dream. 

Nadia's passion and desire to be around her favorite animal grew into an obsession. Daydreaming, losing time watching steeds run free in neighboring farm's fields, she developed an all-consuming need to be one with these animals. The author crafted a main character whose infatuation as well as authentic voice helped this reader to remember what it was like to be a teenager. Her passion drove her, consumed her, and empowered her. She was a determined hero; someone one could really root for. Where the author lost this reader was when the girl became a horse and the horse took the place of the girl. It was strange and detracted from the strength of her tale. However, this is still a well written and enjoyable novel with a young girl whose dream is relatable making this easy for lots of young readers to connect.

Amy Willis