Halcyon: A Sentinel Novel

Caroline Akervik,
Ruth Rankin
Young Adult

SCI-FI:  Hailey is the new girl at University School, the high school she has been dragged to for her parents’ work. She is striving hard to fit in with the popular crowd, trying not to commit social suicide and become an outcast. To accomplish that goal, she hangs out with Chelsea and Preston—the rulers of the school’s social order. But Hailey doesn’t fit their mold in the same way Trevor doesn’t. She soon finds herself in a dire and dangerous situation with Trevor and his mentor. Both Hailey and Trevor must draw on their own and each other’s strength of to overcome their obstacles and set things in order.

An exciting trek into the realms of parallel universes and high school social order. The story comes laden with plot twists—both expected and surprising. The fast pacing has the reader turning pages, eager to discover what happens next, until the end of the book which comes to a sudden and hard close. At the close of the story, the reader is left feeling jolted and jilted. Some of the transitions into the plot twists are choppy and confusing. There is also one detail which is presented in such a way that the audience is led to believe it is important to the story, but it isn’t mentioned again. Ultimately though, this story shows that it is perfectly acceptable to be a triangle in a circular world, because sometimes that is just what is needed. An enchanting and unique twist on ideas of strength, courage, and the simple power of fighting together.

Yannie Sorensen