Guardians of the Sky (Guardians #2)

Young Adult

Amber has been struggling to keep her recently discovered powers at bay. She is concerned that she has the potential to hurt the ones she loves the most. While she struggles with this she must figure out a way to get the true queen on the throne. The Fae, dragons, and humans work together to overthrow the current kingdom in hopes of saving all the realms. In the end, big decisions and sacrifices will have to be made. Will it be enough? 


A continuation of the Guardian story, it is a majestic tale that will keep the interest of most fantasy lovers. The world-building was phenomenal, and the characters were easy to connect with. The romance in the story was sweet, and evoked strong emotions from the reader. The story was fascinating, even if it was on the shorter side. The author could have taken more care in putting in more information from the last book so that one would know what's going on, even if they have not read the first. The reader could feel lost from the lack of information that was probably in the first book, and this could make the reader not want to continue. Some of the supporting characters lack definition. The story had some issues, but overall it was an entertaining fantasy read. 

Jessica Samuelsen