Grimm Remains (Warlock of Rochester Book 2)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Jon Blythe is a young college student, who is part warlock and part human.  As he settles into his second year of college he is hoping that, together with his mentor Jordan, they will be able to fight more demons.  As they hunt, however, Jon realizes he is not as skilled as he would like to be.  An old friend of Jordan’s arrives on the scene with a mission for them: they must save three kidnapped orphans from a demon who feeds on children.  They take on the demon, and after the ordeal, Jordan decides that Jon’s magic lessons must be attended to with more care and seriousness. 

The concept for this story has great potential.  Sadly, the execution does not deliver. The first quarter of the book is an information dump, intended to catch the reader up on events and world building from the previous book.  Details that need to be included are not, and the details that are given do not relate to anything.  There isn’t a strong central plot, rather random scene after scene, which leaves the reader feeling as if they might be relevant to the plot, only to realize later it was completely unimportant.  Other fillers of mundane life occurrences drone on, such as all the details of a pancake breakfast.  Poorly used metaphors, awkward sentence structure, gaping holes in the plot and world building, and abundant grammar errors and typos, all leave the reader working hard to figure out what is going on, and confused as to what or who they should be rooting for. With a bit of focus and better editing, perhaps this could have developed into a very worthy read. 

MB Rose