Cindy M.
Young Adult

MYSTERY:  Ten years ago, Billy’s father was killed outside his house in a small town in Tennessee. The police claim it was an accident; a hit and run by an out-of-towner. Now at seventeen, discontent and longing for closure, Billy just wants to find out the truth. When he accidentally uncovers an old ammo box full of jewels and cash while digging a grave, Billy starts to look into some unsolved mysteries in town with the help of his best friend Henry, and Henry’s cousin Amanda. To their surprise, the tiny Tennessee town is hiding quite a few secrets, some of which lead to truths Billy and his friends didn’t quite bargain for.


An excellent YA mystery with a side of romance! Billy is desperate to find his father’s killer. While his voice begins young and naive, he matures a bit as he struggles between forgiving, as his mother wishes, and wanting revenge against people who took his father from him and left him and his mother poor. Billy and Henry both also face falling in love and dealing with girls for the first time, as Henry’s crush and Henry’s cousin come into the picture, providing a good teen romances with those ups and downs thrown in. The plot is well-paced with enough twists in the mystery to keep it from becoming too obvious. The process from which Billy moves from revenge to justice and forgiveness is emotional and inspiring. Overall a must read for lovers of YA mysteries!


Sarah E Bradley