Casey L.
Young Adult

FANTASY: Cauldron is a town made up of witches covens. Each coven has its own magical specialty. But several of Cauldron’s covens have been hiding secrets. As these secrets start to be revealed the delicate balance of the town begins to unravel putting the entire town in danger. Castor is a witch whose life for so long has revolved around keeping her secret. When Castor is wrongfully accused of trying to poison Arbor, a coven mate, the only way to save him and to prove her innocence is to embrace her secret and to pair up with Forge. Forge holds his own secrets. But as Castor and Forge set out to prove her innocence and save Arbor, they must learn to trust one another if they are to succeed.

Casey Bond weaves a magical spell with “Gravebriar”. Creating a world filled with witches, magic comes to life and captures the reader in its spell. The tale’s complex world of magic pulls readers in, delighting with suspense, twists and turns that will keep them on the edge and second guessing themselves. Rarely does one read a story with so much surprise, but Ms. Bond keeps the surprises and twists constantly coming. A unique tale that moves quickly but still allows time for Forge and Castor to develop their relationship and also grow individually. Castor and Forge are easy to relate to and have an instant chemistry. Sparks fly and there is a slow burn romance throughout. The supporting characters are witty and intriguing as well. A fun, fascinating read that will leave readers clamoring for more!

Cara Cieslak