Gold Rush

Young Adult

Liza’s life has been sheltered since the accident that took her adoptive parents. She has been completely focused on her training with her eyes on the prize - an Olympic gold in figure skating. Then she meets Braden Patrick, who rocks her world with possibilities of first love and all that comes with it.  Her dreams of the future are threatened if she cannot keep her focus.  When Liza struggles to balance her skating with her newfound love, will Braden provide the support system she needs to as she strives to win gold?

This is a fantastic clean romance that will hook one in, even if they are not a figure skating fan.  It has unique family struggles and triumphs that are relatable to everyone.  The dilemma of how to follow the dreams of one’s heart in the face of adversarial competitors, coaches, and Liza’s past has the reader rooting for her.  The unexpected love angle has been written before, but this take is both entertaining and funny.  The chemistry is sweet with heat between Braden and Liza. Both characters have a different spin on the typical “coming of age” story, so it is refreshing to see the different perspective written. The connections between the characters are real; however, at times the story drags with certain predictability, causing the interest level to dip.  It is a feel-good read in the end as Liza and Braden both battle their demons, refusing to allow them to control the outcome of their future. Nicely done!

Laura Dinsdale