From Gods

Young Adult

Skylar has just graduated high school and is planning a few weeks of relaxation and hanging out with her cousin before she starts her freshman year of college. She has no idea that she is about to discover a world of gods and demi-gods. Strange things start happening after Skylar meets Mason, the dark, broody, and gorgeous brother of her cousin’s new boyfriend, who has secrets of his own. When Skylar comes under attack, Mason and his family band together to figure out why and lead Skylar and her cousin into a world of magic and mythical Greek gods. Having lost her father at a young age and, up until now, leading a normal and happy life, she is surprised to learn that she is somehow connected to this new world.

Ms. Ting writes a fast paced adventure full of mystery, action, enchantment and romance! She spins a  delectable tale entwined with mythology, magic and monsters that is delightfully easy to get caught up in. The story of young love is entwined nicely and doesn’t detract from the mystery and action or slow it down in any way. Though the plot is centered on mythology and demigods, the author takes things in a new direction that will keep readers on their toes wondering how and what will happen next. Readers won’t be able to put this book down! But, be warned, the ending is a bit of a cliffhanger.

Molly Daniels