The Gnomes of Nome: The Dwarf Wars

Young Adult

INSPIRATIONAL/SUSPENSE/PARANORMAL:  Angelica and her brother, Jonah, are sent on a quest by the Archangel Gabriel. They are to journey to Nome, Alaska, seek out Aternerk Sangilak and retrieve the Rod of God. It soon becomes a perilous journey as they first encounter nephilim who are of angelic heritage. Three of them Lorne, Nanuk, and Awarumtok agree to join them on their journey. The three nephilim tell Angelica and Jonah of the gnomes whom they are seeking. The five friends are captured by the gnomes and are terrified of what awaits them. A friendly gnome, Atungitok, helps them escape. Will they find the Rod of God, return to the dwarf’s kingdom and complete their quest?

“The Gnomes of Nome: The Dwarf Wars” is an intricate and unique piece that utilizes both poetry and prose to tell this allegorical story. Peopled with delightful characters, this piece delivers some of the most interesting themes from Christian theology as well as Norse mythology. Unfortunately, the author pays no attention to detail and misspells the names of his own characters throughout the story. Other words are either misspelled or misused, such as using “courtesies” for “curtsies”. There is a plethora of characters, but few of them display any depth. The genealogy in the back of the book was confusing, as it had information on many characters that were not in the story. A fanciful tale, it gives much to ponder.

Belinda Wilson