Glamour of Midnight

Casey L.
Young Adult

Ten years ago, Iric took in Karis after he found her wandering blind and lost outside the protective smoke wall of their city.  Now, the protection from the fae is failing and Iric has taken it upon himself to save the town, so he sneaks out past the wall.  Fearing for her adoptive brother’s safety, Karis decides to set out after him.  However, as she approaches the wall Karis’s sight is restored, and she can see into the realm of Faery and the Fae man standing on the other side.  Loftin, a fae prince, has agreed to assist the evil queen in returning her daughter, Karis. With sight restored, Karis puts her trust in Loftin that he will bring her to Iric.  Will Loftin fulfill his promise to the evil queen or take a different path?

Based loosely on the tale of Snow White, “Glamour of Midnight” is a modern yet timeless expansion of a familiar tale. Karis is no helpless damsel in distress and is more than capable of saving both herself and Loftin, yet the pair play very well off one another. The path of this story is fraught with dilemma and peril which keeps the pace lively while modern dialogue blends seamlessly with a more traditional fairy tale setting.  The ending is a little long as loose ends are tied up, but in the end, the story is a tidy package. Readers who love a twist on a classic fairytale will definitely want to pick this one up!


Elissa Blabac