A Gift for Fiona – Love Letters Series, Book Two S.G. Rogers

Young Adult

HISTORICAL:  Fiona Robinson suffers the horrible social illness of low self-esteem, fostered by her misunderstanding of the things others say. As she seeks a husband during the Season she thinks she is about to be granted her wish when her world is flipped upside down by the Braithwaite twins. Iris and Rory Braithwaite may be twins, but they are also as opposite as possibly can be - much like Fiona and her sister Lara. Rory is intrigued by the lovely Fiona, but flummoxed by her brusque demeanor upon being introduced. The process of getting to know Fiona will be a challenge, but one Rory is willing to pursue. 


A decidedly divine cast of characters has been created for the Love Letters series, each boosted by the other, which gives them depth and detail. From the Robinson and Greystoke families, beautifully bound through love and marriage, to the Braithwaite family, there are true emotional connections from character to reader. Alas, the plot takes many a twist and turn that complicates the story with excessive scheming and intrigue. The story is solid; it simply plays out in abrupt and choppy sections that detract a tad from an otherwise divine story. Fiona is a talented lady deserving of a lasting love and thankfully there is a chance for that - if only she allows life to proceed. Beware the scallywags, yet keep an eye out for them as they bring the story to life and create the drama and mystery. Love is complicated, but wonderful!


Penelope Anne Bartotto